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Welcome to the home page of romance writer Jo Fereday.

Home is, after all, where the heart is...

I write light, sweet romantic fiction, usually with humour, and am working towards publication.

My heroines are from all walks of life; independent, 21st century women making their way in the world, all over the world, using their wit, intelligence and heart to survive and thrive.

The men that come into their lives offer them something more. More excitement, more understanding or more trouble. Usually all three!

Join them as they take the rocky and exciting journey towards love.

Young master FeredayWINTER NEWS 2014

Writing is very slow at the moment, thanks to my four month-old distraction. Looks like we've got another reader in the family though!

* * *

I will be attending the RWNZ 2014 conference, thanks to the generosity of the 2013 Pacific Hearts Readers Choice Award. Big names in writing and romance writing will be there. Read all about it at the RWNZ website.

Silvereye - Autumn newsSUMMER/AUTUMN NEWS 2014

Writing has taken a back seat to a rather unexpected pregnancy and impending motherhood. This child is going to have some very doting aunts at the Auckland Chapter of RWNZ!




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