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About Jo

I've been carrying a pen around all my life. I've had a few adventures (ask me about the scorpion in the shower sometime), I've lived a little and now I've settled in Auckland, New Zealand with a happy-go-lucky group of 2-legged and 4-legged companions. My accent is still very British and I love a good cup of tea. My relationship with my laptop is worryingly close and it makes my day if I can entertain you.

There is nothing better than a new place to explore or new people to meet, except perhaps the bird song on Tiritiri Matangi, a long soak in a warm bath or a decent hot chocolate (I can be bribed).

Events in my own life are often the starting inspiration for a story, even if its as small and simple as seeing a wild parrot in London or sneaking into a posh resort in the Cook Islands. After that it comes down to my imagination and a good dictionary.

I belong to Romance Writers of New Zealand, an amazing, supportive group who I am constantly learning from. We welcome new members so please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more or click on the logo below.

.Jo Fereday taking photos in Hong Kong
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Last update: 10 August 2014